LKV372PRO 372pro_tx 372prosignal


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HDMI Extender over Cat6 with Loop-out and IR 60M

LKV372Pro HDMI extender delivers 1080P HDMI signal up to 60m/196ft over single CAT6 network cable, it supports IR signal transmission for remote cotrol the source device, build-in HDMI loop-out fro local display, lossless quality and auto adjustment to match the cable length of CAT6.


  • HDMI over single CAT6 cable transmission up to 60m/196ft
  • HDMI loop-out for local display or monitoring function
  • Supports AV signal uncompressed & lossless tranmission 
  • Auto adjustment to match the cable length from 1-60m of CAT6
  • Pure hardware transmission without any software or driver
  • Full HD 1080P transmission to make video image more vivid
  • IR signal transmission fro controlling the source device

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