Group History

The Mallouppas & Papacostas Group of companies started out in 1978 as a small-scale partnership to promote the retail sale of home appliances, antennas and electrical goods. Within 20 years, this modest enterprise has successfully evolved into a large and flexible group, involved in a wide range of activities, both locally and abroad. The group is active in fields as diverse as clothing, footwear, personal gifts, school items, fashion accessories, household goods, indoor and outdoor furniture, electrical and electronic goods, satellite and telecommunications products.

This rapid expansion is mainly due to the founders’ foresight in identifying and responding to emerging market trends. This successful strategy has enabled the company to build an impressive position in the market.

The strategic location of the group’s retail shops, in key commercial streets across the island, ensures prestigious product promotion and access to a wide public. The group’s network currently consists of more than 60 shops across Cyprus and continues to grow.

The group’s commitment to identifying and exploiting new products and trends has contributed to its excellent reputation both in Cyprus and among its overseas associates. In keeping with its dynamic development to date, the group will continue to seek new markets and invest in products to satisfy consumer needs created by ever-changing social trends.

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