Universal Wire Stripper

Tool for isolating coaxial cable.

Thanks to AX S01, we can prepare a coaxial cable very quickly and easily to attach an antenna connector to it.

It is equipped with two adjustable knives for cables and additionally has a knife for stripping.

During one cutting, she pulls the outer sheath and the central vein dielectric.

Adjustable setting allows you to set the knife to the appropriate cable diameter:

6 - Cable RG6, 5C2V, KOKA709, KOKA799, KOKA100, etc.
8 - Cable RG58, 3C2V, CNT-195, KX15, WCX195 etc.
9 - Cable RG59, RG62, 8241, KX6A, H155, 06 / 3.7 etc.
D - RG174, RG316, RG188, KX3B cable, etc.