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COMBINED HD PROFESSIONAL ANALYZER, 4-2.250 MHz, for SAT QPSK/8PSK - TV COFDM & CATV QAM signals, with MPEG-2/4 H264 decoder and Analog Pictures TV & Radio
  • TV and CATV TUNER, extended band, 4-1000 MHz
  • SAT TUNER, extended band, 930-2.250 MHz
  • GSM extended band, 860-1.000 MHz for telephone repeater installation
  • Exclusive patented ROVER AUTODISCOVERY system: auto-matically detects and selects analog and digital COFDM/QAM TV signals in both measurement and spectrum mode
  • Spectrum in real time, fast and super fast with memory peak
  • Detects, measures and SHOWS pictures of MPEG 2 and 4 H264 HD High Definition programs
  • All the measurements, program lists, A/V PIDs, NET ID, LCN, settings and pictures on one screen
  • Automatic quality analysis: FAIL-MARG-PASS
  • Automemory, Manual memory & Datalogger functions
  • HELP function automatically identifies all the signals with digital modulation SAT, TV and CATV
  • USB storage memory stick
  • OPTICAL POWER METER opt. with interchangeable FCST- SC connector for fiber optic testing (FTTH & FTTX) and troubleshooting
  • MER versus CARRIER, MER measurement for DVB-T & T2 carriers opt.
  • Barscan TV & CATV function from 10 to 100 channels on one screen
  • TV & IF SAT test ICT FENITEL Spain
  • Audio, AAC supplied, DOLBY opt.
  • 7” TFT TOUCH display, 16:9, high resolution
  • Weighs only 1.6 kg, dim: H 14 x L 24 x D 4 cm
  • LI-ION-POLIMER 4A battery with 4 hour battery capacity
  • Battery test function, to regenerate and measure the batteries and calibrate the battery indicator
  • Supplied with transport padded bag, accessories, mains and vehicle battery chargers
  • Free basic SW upgradeable on-line
  • Remote monitoring
  • Reflectometric measurements (opt.)


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