The FibreIRS GTU converts optical power to RF power (FM,DAB,DTT and 4 satellite bands)

* Optical to RF convertor (Satellite and FM,DAB,DTT )

* Quad and Quatro versions available

* Automatic Gain Control (AGC)

* Powered by STB or PSU

* Terrestrial signals overlaid onto each output (Quad only)

* Frequency Morphing Technology (FMT) for Worldwide use

 The FibreIRS GTU converts optical power to RF power (4 satellite bands and FM,DAB,DTT ). All units have built in AGC which allows a wide dynamic range of optical powers without affecting output power and quality. Two LED indicators allow the user to monitor the status of the unit. Two versions available

- Quad for use directly with a STB/faceplate.

- Quatro for use with a multiswitch as it has dedicated outputs for each of the satellite bands (Vertical Low, Horizontal Low, Vertical High, Horizontal High) and terrestrial. Both versions can be powered via the satellite outputs and used with either the Optical LNB or the ODU32.