08818 Magic 2 WiFi 6 Starter Kit

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Mesh Wi-Fi 6 | SOCKET | 2x GB LAN | 2400MBIT/S
  • Wi-Fi with Mesh
  • OFDMA and MU-MIMO Technology
  • Up to 2400 Mbps
  • 2x Gigabit LAN
  • Range up to 500 meters

The Magic 2 WiFi 6 revolutionises the Wi-Fi speed in your home! With 50 percent more Wi-Fi power than any Wi-Fi 5 PLC adapter, it reaches speeds of up to 1800 Mbps and makes this speed available to every user. Thanks to OFDMA, the channels are used with flexibility: Top-notch Wi-Fi for everyone – when sending or receiving and even when there are many users in parallel! Your Internet signal is distributed over Powerline technology at speeds of up to 2400 Mbps, directly over the electrical wiring and to any room. An adapter turns any power socket into an access point for high-performance multi-room Wi-Fi. And multiple devolo Magic adapters connect to each other automatically to form a comprehensive mesh network. For maximum connectivity, Magic 2 WiFi 6 is also equipped with two Gigabit LAN ports. It is the world‘s fastest Powerline adapter and its top-notch features make it a networking powerhouse for your home. Enjoy powerful mesh Wi-Fi throughout the home – for everyone!